Presentasjon av dommer Helle Ullits Røschke

I grew up in my mothers kennel and dog hotel. I have allways had a big interest in dogs, and been travelling around everywhere in Europe, USA and Japan to show dogs and take different courses ( for example: ”Head of Judges” by Mr Iwasa, ”hereditary diseases” at Hunde COSMO, VDH akademiet, the spitz seminar by Peter Machentanz (D). ++)

Around my trips I have gatherd 10 world winner titels, Europe winner titles and group placements. I have also arranged dog shows and breeding seminars ect. in Germany. I had my first litter in 1991. Currently I have 21 breeds in group five that I can judge.

My own breed Shiba won 3 rd Best in Show in Dormund last year. I Judged the Shiba Speciality in 2023 with 90 entries, I did also judge the Finnish Lapphunde Speciality in Norway 2023.

I have owned Japanese Spitz, Afghan Hound,pekineser, American and English coker s. Now I have 4 Shiba Inu and they are all champions and they are all on top 10 winner list.

Lookin forward to meet you all on the Keeshond special 2024